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Custom Commercial Projects in Kelowna BC

We work with professional engineers to insure that your project is properly designed to withstand the "tests of time". There is no substitute for experience, and combine that with my passion for an excellent finished product that "hits a grand slam homer" with the clients, and you have a recipe for perfection. The best investment that a client will ever make, for the best return on their money will be to hire a custom designer or an architect with proven high end experience. The proof is in their portfolio, and their past client referrals. We love to show any potential clients a set of our design concept drawings along with the 3D perspectives of the exterior, next to a finished photograph to compare how exact they are to each other from start to finish. No compromise is our plumbline.

"I love to go stand together with the client on the site and cast vision of how the new structure should be laid out. Together we Discover what the site will give us and then Define the conceptual idea. Then we return to our office and Develop the proposal and Deliver it back to our clients for their review."  - Paul Nesbitt

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